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Everything you need to know about a week at the HIIT Crew


Strength Specific

Our strength classes follow a training system called progressive overloading. This training system will help you improve strength, build muscle, improve technique, and speed up your metabolism. Our strength classes are perfect for all levels with a range of equipment from dumbbells, and kettlebells to barbells. 

HIIT Cardio

Our cardio classes range from endurance (engine building) to short bursts with short rest (HIIT). Each session is designed with a different stimulus that will help build your stamina and also make fitness fun. These sessions involve a range of equipment from boxing bags to cardio machines to body weight exercises. 


Saturdays Mix

A mix of strength and cardio. This type of training comes under metabolic conditioning. These sessions  hit different! The pump from the weights then straight into a cardio/power burst will test both cardio and strength endurance. A great way to finish off our week of training! 

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