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Welcome to the HIIT Crew.

The HIIT CREW was created in 2019. At the time a professional rugby player with Auckland, Dan took the plunge to start his own brand of fitness. The HIIT CREW was born. A training facility that is built on challenging you physically, builds your mental strength, and gives you confidence in all other aspects of your life.

Why We Do Fitness

The HIIT Crew combines a range of training in a class-based setting, the aim of our workouts is to give people of all fitness levels a variety of strength and conditioning so that when you walk out the door you feel better about yourself.

Since opening, the strength and conditioning training has become a real hit, but more importantly we've created a community that has become the real strength of the gym. A community which lifts you up and helps create a better version of you. Come along and see what the HIIT Crew can do for you. We got you. 


Meet the Team

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